Delicious ways to use Rose Water

Rose water is mostly known as a dominant ingredient in many skin-care regimens as a toner or cleanser, but it is also used in hair products, plant medicine, and cooking.

Rose water has a predominantly floral flavor that is not quite savory, and not quite sweet. This has not prevented Rose Water from being an important ingredient when cooking. The subtle floral aroma that rose water exudes adds a fuller sensory experience to any meal.

Rose Water is predominantly used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. It’s commonly used in Greek baklava, soft, gummy Turkish Delight, Persian rice pudding, and French pastries and macarons. Also rose water is used many desserts as it brings a floral aroma.

Here are some of the techniques and uses to incorporate rose water in your cooking:

  1. Rose water can be used to round off more intensely savory spices like saffron, and provide a high note to more mellow flavors like roasted pistachios and honey. Rose water is incredibly potent and using too much can overpower other flavors — a little goes a long way.
  2. Add a teaspoon of rose water to homemade buttercream frosting for an elegant, botanically-inspired finishing touch on cakes or cupcakes.
  3. Take vanilla ice cream to a new level of flavor by adding in some rose water and a sprinkle of cardamom.
  4. Rose water can add a new dimension to the tangy-sweet notes of a homemade jam or compote with rhubarb, strawberry, and raspberry.
  5. Old-fashioned apple pie and pound cake recipes called for a dash or two of rose water: Revive the tradition by adding rose water to your next baked creation.
  6. Rose-flavored tonics and artisanal sodas have become increasingly popular in recent years. Add a splash of rose water to a gin and tonic or a margarita to shift the vibe of a favorite cocktail.

Before using Rose Water for cooking, always check with your retailer or wholesale first. They will be able to give guidance on how their Rose Water can be used.